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Angel Power

Thank you, everyone, for your support! If you made a purchase during the month of August, you helped us donate $74.69 USD to, a Carbon Pollution Reduction organization. They carefully select environmental projects across the globe, and together, we helped Costa Rica reach carbon neutrality by 2021 by funding wind power; helped protect nearly 450,00 acres of rain forests.

 Last month, we made a $10 donation to the World Wildlife Fund to help save tigers and promised to donate 5% of our profits to a new organization this month that would help our planet. Our profits last month were just shy of $1,500 USD, so 5% was $72.23 USD. We'll continue to donate 5% of our profits each month to help make our world a better place. If you have a suggestion for a charitable cause that you feel would benefit from our donation, please feel free to email us about it! Our email address is